journalism matters.

Recently I read “She Said” and “Catch and Kill” back to back. I didn’t set out to read them on top of each other– “She Said” became available for me at the library right before “Catch and Kill” was released, so I’m considering it a happy accident. I believe that my enjoyment of the books […]

a wolf in sheep’s clothing

There are some bizarre and crazy things happening all around us these days, but try to imagine this scene: a man on trial for murdering his wife decides to represent himself, and to use the defense of insanity. A scintillating true story of fast times during prohibition, The Ghosts of Eden Park describes the empire-building […]

an amazing life

Barbara Bush was a commanding figure, even though she grew shorter as she aged. In The Matriarch, author Susan Page chronicles the fascinating life of one of the most admired First Ladies (and First Mothers) in our nation’s history. Page had unprecedented access to Barbara Bush’s diaries and conducted extensive interviews with her subject along […]

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