her father’s daughter

“You are your father’s daughter,” Alice’s mother told her. “Neither of you can help being conspicuous.” Stephanie Marie Thornton’s American Princess is a delightful account of the life of Alice Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt’s oldest child. She was one of the most famous teenagers ever to live in the White House, and her adult life was […]

an amazing life

Barbara Bush was a commanding figure, even though she grew shorter as she aged. In The Matriarch, author Susan Page chronicles the fascinating life of one of the most admired First Ladies (and First Mothers) in our nation’s history. Page had unprecedented access to Barbara Bush’s diaries and conducted extensive interviews with her subject along […]

I Like Ike

When I read an article touting the new biography of Dwight Eisenhower, entitled “The Age of Eisenhower,” as a page-turner, I sort of scoffed at the thought. Could a book about a U.S. President that didn’t even serve during a time of war really make it into that category? The answer is…. kind of. First […]

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