Today at the store there was a woman in my way. More specifically, both she and her cart were in my way. Although it was mid-morning, the store was filled with people out doing their full pre-Thanksgiving shopping, and carts were piled high with groceries.  Around here, carts are referred to as “carriages,” but I […]

how about a round of applause

A couple meets in a pub prior to their marriage counseling session in Nick Hornby’s quick-yet-luxurious examination of their partnership, State of the Union. A brief yet endearing book, Hornby exposes the staggering number of connections between the couple, as well as their resentments, their fears, and the hardships they have experienced. Quite a bit […]

an amazing life

Barbara Bush was a commanding figure, even though she grew shorter as she aged. In The Matriarch, author Susan Page chronicles the fascinating life of one of the most admired First Ladies (and First Mothers) in our nation’s history. Page had unprecedented access to Barbara Bush’s diaries and conducted extensive interviews with her subject along […]

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