hope within grasp

It seems like an exaggeration to describe a book as devastating, but Disappearing Earth fits the bill. Set in Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula, Julia Phillips’ novel explores families, biases, fear of immigrants, and the pain of loss through a variety of characters whose lives touch at the margins following the disappearance of two small girls from […]

her father’s daughter

“You are your father’s daughter,” Alice’s mother told her. “Neither of you can help being conspicuous.” Stephanie Marie Thornton’s American Princess is a delightful account of the life of Alice Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt’s oldest child. She was one of the most famous teenagers ever to live in the White House, and her adult life was […]


Chocolate-covered strawberries. Mini chocolate lava cakes. Luscious, mouth-watering desserts are decadent and not recommended for everyday indulgences, much to the chagrin of most people. Elizabeth Gilbert’s City of Girls is akin to a Shari’s Berries delivery accompanied by two bottles of red and When Harry Met Sally on DVD. It was the PERFECT read for […]

how about a round of applause

A couple meets in a pub prior to their marriage counseling session in Nick Hornby’s quick-yet-luxurious examination of their partnership, State of the Union. A brief yet endearing book, Hornby exposes the staggering number of connections between the couple, as well as their resentments, their fears, and the hardships they have experienced. Quite a bit […]

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