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It’s a little surprising that you can purchase The Warehouse on Amazon, as the fictional company at the center of the sci-fi novel, called Cloud, is clearly based on what Amazon has yet to become. In the not-so-distant future, climate change has caused the population to move away from the coastline and small businesses have been absorbed by Cloud, a familiar-sounding delivery company that specializes in providing people with their every need or whim via drone delivery.

Anyone looking for a job has to consider that Cloud provides most of the jobs in the world, and job-seekers can apply once a month by taking a test from a specialized hiring location. One of the many benefits of working for Cloud is they also provide a place to live –at a MotherCloud facility that features restaurants, a transit system, housing, and of course the famous warehouses that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Residents/employees are put into specific positions based their skill sets — pickers work in the warehouse and wear red polos, tech support gurus can be spread throughout the facility and wear tan polos, managers wear white and security wear blue. It all sounds like utopia, until the technology comes into play.

Would you want to wear a watch provided by your employer that unlocks the door to your apartment, tells you where to go (turn by turn directions) for job assignments, and prompts you when to get on the train so you’re not late for work? I certainly wouldn’t. Cloud Bands are an integral part of the network that makes each MotherCloud possible.

When the inventor of Cloud announces he has a terminal illness and wants to visit as many MotherCloud facilities as he can before turning the company over to his successor, a secret agent carries out a plan to steal the organization’s proprietary information. Will she get away with her plan, or will she be swallowed up by the company that knows everything?

The plotting and detail of this book was superb, and I thoroughly enjoyed the narration switching between three different characters — something that typically bothers me immensely in other books. The fast-paced story took some wild turns, and I found myself carried along in a manner that I really enjoyed. Sci Fi isn’t always my speed, but this was a fabulous, fascinating ride that I recommend. My only complaint was with the ending, which left a lot to be desired, but that may have been the point.

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