one for the girls

Earlier this year I tore through Cristina Alger’s The Banker’s Wife, so I anxiously awaited the arrival of her newly released thriller Girls Like Us at my local library. I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed.

A taut, tightly woven whodunnit, Alger’s book follows Nell Flynn, an FBI agent who returns to her hometown on Long Island following her estranged father’s death in a motorcycle accident. She takes some leave from her FBI work in order to settle his estate and prepare his home for sale, as her mother was killed years ago and she is the sole heir.

When Nell is asked by her late father’s partner to lend a hand on an investigation, she begins to wonder whether her father, a homicide detective, had become corrupt in the ten years since they last spoke.

Nell digs deeper into the stories of the two young women who were killed in similar manners in the past year. What follows is a thrilling journey that could be ripped from the headlines — rich men, payoffs and bribes, young women being victimized, coverups and conspiracies.

Pick this one up, give it 50 pages, and you’ll be hooked. It’s worth the read, and Alger’s name is one worth following. I picked up a copy of The Darlings not long ago and can’t wait to read it soon!

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