whisper down the alley

New in town and in need of some pals, a young mom casually passes along a juicy piece of gossip at her book club, resulting in some major drama in Lesley Kara’s aptly-named The Rumor.

Joanna moves out of the city to raise her five year old son Alfie in a more contained environment. When she hears that an infamous murderer whose crime was committed when she was a child may be living in the same small town, she passes the tidbit along to everyone she knows — including her son’s father (an investigative journalist) and a bunch of other moms.

As the rumor spreads, it picks up steam. Will Joanna and Alfie emerge from its wake unscathed?

This book.. well.. let me just say I’m glad I got it from the library. It was entertaining enough, and I appreciated some of the character development as well as some of the plot twists. But the premise? Come on. I struggled with the idea that the public would get the name and photo of a kid who was convicted of murder under the age of 10 … and then be able to track that person down when they grew up.

Call me crazy, but that bugged me. So it wasn’t my favorite book, and I promptly forgot about it after I put it down. But it was a quick read, and it certainly wasn’t boring.

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