girls these days

This past weekend I hopped on the train out of center city Philadelphia and rode out to the suburbs. while seated I thought about snapping a selfie with the hashtag “i’m the girl on the train” but, that might be a bit creepy to those who understood the reference.

“Girl on the Train” is supposed to be the next “Gone Girl,” an eerie summer read with multiple narrators and a somewhat psychotic, devious female lead. That is a serious stretch, in my opinion, because I devoured the twists and turns and slowly unraveling tale of “Gone Girl”… but to me “Girl on the Train” dragged a bit, and lingered in all the wrong places.

The characters never seemed to come to life for me. Maybe some of it can be attributed to initial name confusion, or mixing up the seemingly happy couples of which our main narrator is jealous. Either way, once I got used to who the characters were and how they factored into the story, I still didn’t like them and I certainly didn’t relate to them.

Do you have to relate to characters in a novel to enjoy the book? Well, no. But you also can’t keep mixing them up (and really, all the one-syllable-named men and two-syllable-named women were easy to mix up because they weren’t very multi-faceted or compelling).

So, this isn’t much of a review because I don’t want to give away the plot. Suffice it to say that “Girl on the Train” was entertaining enough, and kinda creepy, but didn’t live up to my wild expectations based on hype.

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