start me up

This afternoon over lunch, my friend told us something amazing. “I wake up every morning to “this girl is on fiiiiiireee…”” she sang, laughing at her music choice.

“Well, my alarm is usually “Talk Dirty to Me,”” another girl admitted.

Needless to say, this sparked a pretty amazing conversation about the power of music in our morning routines.

I don’t recall ever setting a musical alarm, aside from just using a clock radio set to an FM station when I was younger. Currently I have a very intricate system of one alarm clock in a room that’s not my bedroom, plus staggered iPhone alarms of varying degrees of annoyance that go off throughout a 45 minute interval. I also don’t hit the snooze button, ever. Oddly enough it has never occurred to me that I could choose a happy or motivating song (or a terrible song that I am physically compelled to shut off) to start my day.

Based on my lunchtime chat, I’m in the minority. Other songs mentioned by friends? One Weird Al Yankovic tune, Katy Perry’s “Roar,” and “Turn Down for What,” which to me will forever be associated with the Phillies’ Ben Revere. When my friend was ridiculed for her music choice, she silenced us all with her response: “I haven’t missed a morning run in the past three weeks.”

Maybe I should wake up to the Rolling Stones tomorrow.

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smiles. sarcasm. Springsteen.

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