Get On Your Feet

Pedometers seem to be all the rage these days. My iPhone has a step counter that I’ve paid various amounts of attention to over the past few years. Now there are FitBits and “wearable electronics” designed to help people stay in shape. Since the holidays, a handful of people at my job began power walking in a circuit around our break room, pumping their arms and comparing numbers upon arriving and departing the office each day.

We now seem to think our step count can help us achieve goals for overall fitness. To some extent that seems right. For myself, I only use the Health app on the iPhone and let it sit in my pocket during the day (if I’m wearing an outfit with pockets). At the gym, I’ll keep a jacket on OR use the “stick it in my waistband” approach and be grateful for the phone case. I have an armband in my Amazon cart, but I haven’t purchased it yet because the armband seems just so bulky… and fitness is all about fashion, right?

There are desks at my office that can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. For one glorious week this past fall, I lowered mine to be ergonomically in line with the fitness ball that I brought into work and sat on to strengthen my core. Sadly, that fitness ball is now my home office chair. So instead, throughout my day I’ll raise the desk and stand behind it, sometimes doing a box step with my feet to keep moving. The other method I’ve employed is walking up and down the back staircase. This was enjoyable because it’s one of the only sunny places I’ve found in our building, plus, it was fun to multi-task and try to read the news or play Trivia Crack at the same time (not advisable).


All was well and good with the at-work-stair-climbing routine until the day I set off the alarm. No more stairs for me when I can’t secure the back door in a satisfactory way.

The stern warning on our back staircase.

So, it’s back to the break room circuit, which is just as hazardous when staring at the rising step count on my phone.

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