Small Purse Girl

I’ve often wondered what it’s like to be the type of gal who carries a tiny purse. Mine is by no means overly large, like the massive creations with unknown depths that ruin the shoulder and neck muscles of some of my fellow females, but it’s not tiny either.

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The purse I have used for the past three years is an Etsy find–a patchwork bag that would fit in a standard bread box, should I choose to put it in one. When I go to sporting events or other places where I prefer not to be tied down, I throw the essentials (ID, cash, credit card, keys) into what is pretty much a pencil case and try not to leave it behind.

Sometimes I look at the ladies who sail through life with phone-case-wallet combinations and am struck with a surge of jealousy. To be so unencumbered! So carefree! What items from my standard issue purse force me to lug them from place to place when I hardly ever remove them, much less use them on a daily basis?

The answer appears to include the following: a clasp wallet full of spare change, two pens, a highlighter, a travel size bottle of Advil, a mini Sharpie marker, two small hand creams, six (6!) types of lip gloss / chapstick, headphones, a camo patch that says “Soul Stealer,” two spare keys to the car I sold in November, a sparkly shiny ring, tissues, a wet wipe, a spare key to the car I own now, a single Band Aid, and a knife. Most of these items would be excluded from a small purse. Obviously, I couldn’t function without that shiny ring.

When I do NOT carry that purse and I transfer the ID, cards, and cash to my little bag I feel light and free. It’s amazing. But then, I don’t have a place to balance my sunglasses when I walk inside, or a convenient zipper pocket for all of my lip gloss. So maybe I will never be a small purse girl, but they have no space for an essential Sharpie.

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