The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

Last year, I finally got on board the Marshmallow bus. 

Allow me to explain. Veronica Mars debuted as a TV show starring Kristen Bell as a high school student and not-so-private eye in the volatile town of Neptune, California. The show ran for three seasons before (sadly) coming to an end; fans brought the thunder with a successful Kickstarter campaign to make a V-Mars film 8 years after the series left the airwaves. That tells you something about how tenacious the fans are! Amazingly enough the campaign raised 2 million dollars in 11 hours. I decided to rent the movie one night last fall from Redbox at the urging of a friend, and quickly decided I would watch the series. Currently I’m in season two of the TV show (Amazon Prime members can watch it all for free!) and when I heard that the series creator had added a book to the lineup, I had to get my hands on it immediately.

My exploration of the Veronica Mars story is a bit convoluted–the show begins with the titular character navigating the challenges of high school, then Veronica goes to college. The movie brings her back to Neptune post-college and law school, and the book finds her taking the helm of her father’s private investigation firm after he suffered an accident, which you can see for yourself in the movie.

So as I picked up “The Thousand Dollar Tan Line” there was a whole season of the show which I had yet to see, but that was ok! It’s a fantastic story that stands on its own, but the chance to read, instead of watch, the latest adventure in Veronica’s saga was an absolute delight. The new medium works for her, because Veronica’s narration of her thoughts in both the series and movie puts her voice into the reader’s mind as the pages fly by.

The charge Veronica takes on for Mars Investigations involves locating two missing spring-breakers in the resort town of Neptune. Familiar faces, both friend and foe, come to light as she tries to locate the students for their anxious families at the behest of Neptune’s Chamber of Commerce, which has their eye on the tourist industry. I literally cheered when Veronica’s old pal Weevil showed up! Another notable appearance was by perennial party boy Dick Casablancas, who not surprisingly was in attendance at a blowout in the same location where both lost girls were spotted prior to disappearing. The description of Dick was spot-on and amusing in typical V-Mars fashion: “… he was rich and careless and had the emotional depth of a chunk of concrete.”

Now that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this charmingly backwards arc (TV-movie-book), I can’t wait for the second one (which will arrive next week!)

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