Modern Day Elf Activity

As a gal who hates crowds, especially impatient people with pointy elbows, I make it a point to avoid shopping in actual malls and physical stores – most certainly at Christmas. Therefore, Amazon Prime and I are very close.

This year I had a self check-in, an internal debate of sorts during which I tried to make certain that it was fiscally responsible for me to maintain my Prime status. After all, the price for Prime increased and I wasn’t sure if the free two-day shipping (most likely of items whose value to me was questionable in the first place) was enough incentive for me to hang in there as a Prime member. But, I have to admit I enjoy the access to TV shows and movies, and the addition of streaming music actually made my life more enjoyable, even though the music service didn’t begin until after my card was conveniently charged the annual fee.

But I digress.

I’m happy to say that all of my Christmas purchases have been made. In fact, I’m tracking some of them in different Safari browser tabs as I type. Of the entirety of my Christmas gifties, only one (1) was bought in a store, and that one was in August. I’m rather proud of this fact. Many were from Amazon, of course, and others from a variety of fine online retailers from which I made my selections while in comfy slippers and pjs.

Recently I have been tracking Christmas gifts that will be given by someone else – more specifically, my Mom.

Here’s a difference between myself and my mother. She is a traditional go-getter type mall and craft fair shopper. That’s just how she is. So when she asked me a few weeks ago to place an order for her on Amazon, I thought it a bit strange until she explained two things. First off, they were specialty items. Plus, “If I do it myself, I’ll have to pay for shipping.”

The thing about my Mom is that she’s hyperlink averse. While she’s great at sending e-mails, that’s kind of it as far as computers go. She can click links and enjoy the attached articles or videos. But if she wants me to see something she got a kick out of, I will receive a long email that usually starts with “go to MSN and type in…”

My inbox is currently packed with descriptive statements that I can’t get into here, in case the intended recipients stumble upon my new (!) home on the internet. Suffice it to say most of these messages are returned with a phone call, whereby I narrow down statements like “it’s the fourth one down, and has 4.5 stars and a 296 next to it.” Then I arrange for shipping, (a great number of these packages are going to my grandma’s place in Maine) and forward the tracking numbers to my Mom when they’re provided to me.

Do Elves get extra cookies when Christmas arrives?

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